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Monday, July 21, 2014

What is Blog? What is Blogging? Who is Blogger?

You may have heard the term blog, blogger and blogging multiple times and it seems that you are serious about them. This page is worth reading and informative for the people who are new to the blogging world.

Blogging is a very  powerful medium to communicate with the whole world. It is a totally different thing that will make you feel awesome. There  are millions of people round the globe who do it for passion and millions others who do it for money.

What is a blog?

This is the first question that every beginner searches for.  You may be curious about these terms so let’s come straight to the point and discuss what it is.

A blog is an abbreviation used for the term weblog. It is generally used to classify a group of websites which share information about a specific topic on a regular interval. Blogs have some general features like blog posts, comments, link to other resources of websites.

You can also watch this video illustration to have a clear idea of what is blog and all other stuff associated with it.

Who is a blogger?

Blogs may be on any specific topic or multi-topic written by a single person or a group of people working together. Every single person associated with any blog is called blogger.

Although no qualification is required for being a blogger but a subject of your expertise/interest will help you to become a good blogger.

What is blogging?

Blogging is the skill that you need to run your own blog. Blogging skills include search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, writing quality posts, Designing of blog and some basic knowledge of programming languages like html and css.

You need to have all these skills to become a good blogger. You need to write quality content as well as you have to promote your content to it’s audience. so, you need to have social media marketing skills too.

search engine optimisation also plays a major in bringing audience for your content so you need to learn every aspect of it. You need to optimize your blog according to the guidelines set by search engines. for this you also need to have some basic programming knowledge.

On which topics a blog can be written?

Blogs can be written on any topic depending on the interest of blog author. Actually writing a blogpost in the area of one’s personal interest helps him to tackle the problem of quality content.

let us suppose you have interest in the feild of photography you can start a photography blog. You problem of quality content will be solved because you are working in feild you love to work. people will love to hear you, and they will come again and again.

Generally blogs are made on political topics, personal views on things happening around us. Many bloggers do this for passion and write according to their interest these type of bloggers cover many unusual topics like flower blogs, decoration, cars, bikes, etc…

Is investment required for creating a blog?

The answer to this question is directly associated with your motive i.e either you are doing it just for fun or are you really serious about it and want to earn some money out of it.

If you are doing just for fun or to share your views with the world the you don’t need to invest any money. You can select any free blogging platform and sign up for a free account with them. There are many free blogging platforms but the best out of them are blogger and wordpress.

On the other hand if you are serious about blogging and want to make some money out of it then you go for a paid blogging. In this case you will have full control over your blog. You need to buy your own domain and hosting.

We will discuss the requirments for a blog in the next post in detail.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Start off with your own blog: The Basics

The blogging phenomenon has changed the web completely and still has a long way to go. In simple words blog are more like an online dairy which is updated regularly. They are the best kind of websites in terms of traffic generation and social connection.

Nowadays common people used to blog in order to connect to the vast audience all around the world. They share their feelings, thoughts, experiences and ideas. There is no restriction on what you can write.

Why should you blog?

Blogging gives you a platform to share your ideas with yours friends, colleagues and the people round the world. You voice will have no limitation and your voice can be heard all around the world.

Your reputation will grow among your friend and society. They will listen to you ideas carefully and you will have thousands of followers on social sites.

 You can earn the real “web money” that you were looking for. Your earning will have no limitation once you start writing some good content.

What about other money making programs?

There are many other money making programs out there which do not need any specialization. So, have you ever thought why they pay to their users? Here is the answer… Generally, they make profit from internet and share a part of their profit with you. They make millions of dollars each year and the user a tiny fraction of that. About 90% of the users make less than 100$ from those programs and finally quit. You will not get and any credit for your work and your thoughts will not be heard by anyone. Above all just think what will happen if your account gets suspended or the program shuts down.

How to start blogging?

There are many blogging platform out there to help you in this process. You don’t need to know any programming language to build your own website. The blogging platforms like blogger and Wordpress let their users to start a blog in a few clicks and without any programming knowledge.

“Blogger” and “” provides you with a name to your blog (e.g: and ) and all other tool needed for blogging free of cost. Your blog will be ready within a few minutes.

If you are really serious and want to make a quality blog then you must prefer Top blogger in the blogger community prefer wordpress over any other blogging platform. For more on this topic you must refer to our eBook.

What should I write about?

The only thing you need to do is to work on your favorite topic. You need not to be an expert in that specific field. Sometimes a beginner’s guide turns out to be a great success. Many people have attained huge success by writing on the topic once considered a waste of time. Also choosing an extraordinary topic gives you a lead without a competition.

Let’s take an example:

People may think that a blog about flowers is a useless idea. But take the case of It is owned by Rona Wheeldon and it’s a great success.

So just don’t think about topic and start writing on what you are passionate about. You must write quality content in your blog because it is the only factor which connects your visitor with your blog. A blog with low quality content will vanish after some time in the huge pool of low quality blogs.

Do you have some more queries, Just put it the comments and we will discuss...